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The pictures in this gallery are more of my favorite shots.

I will be continually adding new photos - so check back regularly.

These photos are available for printing at large size. Please feel free to order prints through the shopping cart. Your purchase will help to defray the cost of hosting my pictures on this web site.

Note: "Photography by Nicholas Gale" will not appear on your printed photo

Price List:

Mpix Lab: Hi-end Lab Quality Prints on Kodak E-Surface Color Paper

4" x 6" economy Print – Not Corrected

4" x 6" Small Print

6" x 9"
Small Print

5" x 15" Panoramic Print

8" x 12"
Standard Print

10" x 15"
Standard Print

10" x 20"
Wide Print

12" x 18"
Large Print

12" x 24"
Wide Print

16" x 24"
Very Large Print

20" x 30"
Very Large Print

8" x 12"
Standout Display

11" x 14"
Standout Display

16" x 20"
Standout Display

Christmas and Holiday Greeting Cards

* a "standout display" is a print attractively mounted on a thick, lightweight backing which is ready for wall mouning and needs no further framing

[NOTE: I recommend single or double matting or foamcore backing (a backing for your print - you will see this option after adding your print to your cart) on larger prints to prevent damage and keep them flat. Matted prints will be shipped flat in a box, unmatted prints will be shipped in a roll. Framing and lustre coating is also available on most prints.]

First time buyers and family members, please request a discount code from me (via e-mail) for your prints.
thanks for looking, and thanks for your support!

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